A Year in Review: 2021/22

Student Service

* Total students served: 522
* Total number of sessions: nearly 30,000
* Average months gain in reading skills: 14 (over a 7.5 month period)
* Third grade average gain in words read per minute: 47

Student Learning Assets

Tutors were surveyed on the strengths and growth demonstrated by each student they served. The top three student strengths reported were
(1) decoding words / using phonics skills
(2) increasing self-confidence in reading
(3) reading high frequency words

Our School Year Program Priorities

(1) Continue organization-wide ABAR (anti-bias/anti-racist) Racial Equity and Social Justice work
(2) Focus on student engagement
(3) Provide and increase support around current research-based practices in reading instruction
(4) Review and update program curriculum materials

Our Equity Team Completed its First Full Year of Work

Organizational leadership focused on servicing students equitably was led by our three Equity Team Committees
(1) Program/Student Service Committee
(2) Employment Committee
(3) Mission/Charter Committee

2021/22 Financials (unaudited)

What People are Saying

“Having the opportunity for students to get that extra support has been important for students, but also for teachers. Our students come out of this program with more confidence as readers.”
– Tina Turner, Principal, Rosa Parks Elementary