Board of Directors

  • Mark Fulop (Chair), Consultant/Owner, Strategy Consultant Facilitation & Process
  • Terry Clelen, (Vice Chair), Community Involvement Specialist, Portland General Electric
  • Rob Stein (Treasurer), Actuary, The Standard
  • Sidney Gold, Teacher/Principal (retired), Oregon Episcopal School
  • Kimberly Melton, Policy Advisor, Office of Multnomah County Chair Deborah Kafoury
  • David G. Mertens, Managing Director, Jensen Investment Management
  • Margie Rosenthal, Organization Co-Founder, former Special Education Teacher
  • John Wendland, President, Portland Bindery

Reading Results Staff

Reading Results is poised to expand our services to reach more students, in more schools, among low-income communities and for children of color, throughout our region. Your support sends a message to each struggling child: “You are important. Your community cares about you and your future.”

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