Our 2019-2020 School Partners

Portland Public Schools

  • Boise-Eliot/Humboldt Elementary School
  • Bridlemile Elementary School
  • Capitol Hill Elementary School
  • Chapman Elementary School
  • Duniway Elementary School
  • Faubion School
  • Grout Elementary School
  • Irvington Elementary School
  • James John Elementary School
  • KairosPDX Learning Academy (Charter)
  • Martin Luther King, Jr. Elementary School
  • Rosa Parks Elementary School
  • Sabin Elementary School
  • Scott Elementary School
  • Sitton Elementary School
  • Vestal Elementary School

Centennial School District

  • Butler Creek Elementary School
  • Patrick Lynch Elementary School

David Douglas School District

  • Earl Boyles Elementary School
  • Gilbert Park Elementary School

Reynolds School District

  • Davis Elementary School
  • Glenfair Elementary School


  • Our partnership with Reading Results has been amazing for our students. The confidence they experience as they become readers, and the joy they experience when they can unlock text and all the world the books provide, is really powerful.

    Dana Nerenberg Principal, Sitton Elementary School
  • Reading Results is one of the best examples in our community of an organization that has succeeded in building effective partnerships and delivering quality instruction to academic-priority children. The fact that the schools themselves invest in the program, at a time when resources are so scarce, is a sure sign of the high regard with which principals and teachers value the Reading Results program.

    Dan Ryan CEO, All Hands Raised
  • Not all children need an intervention program like this one. However, all children must learn to read and read well. Reading is the gatekeeper to their future. The work of the Reading Results assures that gate will be open to more children.

    Jane Fielding Former Principal, Portland Public Schools
  • Reading Results’ innovative Reading Team intervention program provides exactly the kind of evidence-based help our students need. Harnessing the talents of retired teachers and training school parents has produced measurable gains for the students they serve.

    Pamela Knowles Co-Chair, Portland Public Schools, Board of Education
  • All of us who run businesses in this region are so dependent on a vital, diverse, fluent, educated and literate work force. The work Reading Results is doing is critical to our future.

    Mike Golub President of Business, Portland Timbers
  • Our students in Reading Results experience reading gains at a higher rate than those students who don’t have Reading Results.

    Tamala Newsome Principal, Rosa Parks Elementary School

Reading Results is poised to expand our services to reach more students, in more schools, among low-income communities and for children of color, throughout our region. Your support sends a message to each struggling child: “You are important. Your community cares about you and your future.”

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