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2014-12 Reading Results-0107-2Using data-driven and student-centered methods, our school-based Reading Teams — highly experienced/retired teachers and parents chosen from the school community — provide an effective reading acceleration program.

Reading Teams tutor 22-50 students at each school over 30 weeks throughout the school year. We provide students with data-driven, explicit reading instruction delivered by highly trained, culturally responsive tutors.

Tutors and children are carefully matched and spend the entire year working face-to-face on reading skills. In addition to the tutoring itself, the tutor-student relationship sends a strong message to a struggling child: “You are important. Your community cares about you and your future.”

And it works.

Our Results

  • 85% of first graders read at grade level after a year in our program.
  • 65% of second graders read at grade level after a year in our program.
  • Students in our program make an average of 1.6 years gain in reading skills.
  • Students make an average of gain of 32 words per minute in reading fluency.
  • 100% of students served in our program reported gains on one or more diagnostic and standardized reading tests.

Promoting Racial Equity Throughout Portland

The board, leadership and staff of Reading Results are dedicated to closing the opportunity gap and accelerating early grade reading mastery for students of color and low-income students. We support our schools and districts by partnering to put students on track for third grade reading success, ultimately enabling them to graduate high school and prepare for college. Read our racial equity policy.

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Schools / School Districts

Reading Results is seeking new partnerships focused on increasing the reading success of our area’s low-income students. Contact us today to explore opportunities.


Help be a part of your school community’s success. Contact your school’s principal, teachers, or other school staff to encourage them to consider bringing Reading Results to your school.

Community Partners

Reading Results has a deep commitment to making collective impact through joining together with our community partners. Contact us to explore opportunities.

Book Groups

Your Book Group can sponsor a local student in need. Download our Book Group pledge form here.


Your support provides struggling, early-grade readers with a year of intensive, evidence-based reading instruction. It also gives struggling children the self-confidence and support they need to succeed in school for years to come.

Help us build a stronger community. Third grade reading proficiency is an early indicator of a student being on track to graduate high school.

When you support Reading Results you’re doing more than just helping children read; you’re unlocking potential and paving the way for a brighter future – help us ensure all children have a fair chance to read and succeed.

Reading Results is committed to ensuring racial equity and enhancing the reading levels of children of low-income throughout the Portland metro area, and your help is crucial to our efforts. Help our city live up to its promise by making your donation today. Learn more about how to give here.

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