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Reading Results partners with schools to support students from systemically excluded communities in becoming successful readers. We believe that literacy is a basic human right, and we work to increase access and break down barriers through supporting students with an effective, individualized, culturally-responsive reading intervention program.

Reading by third grade is crucial to a child’s educational development. Falling behind creates challenges that negatively impact a child’s education and self-esteem for years to come. Reading Results is committed to helping struggling learners get on the path toward academic success and a brighter future.

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Our History

Founded in 2000 by a volunteer group of teachers, the success of Reading Results is based on the following strengths: a) effective partnership with schools serving neighborhoods that are low-income; b) evidence-based methodology that produces reliable, measurable results for at-risk learners; and c) a conservative fiscal model that ensures responsible, sustainable growth. Reading Results has grown from serving an initial 35 students to serving 650 students during the 2022/23 school year.

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When students lack the skills to read, they run the risk of falling further and further behind, both in and outside of the classroom. This status quo is not only unacceptable; it’s unsustainable. Reading Results is committed to ensuring students who are low income and students of color have a fair chance in school, and your help is absolutely critical to our efforts. Make a real difference in a child’s life with a matched donation today.

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